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About Go Shin Kai

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Our History

The Go Shin Kai Association was founded in June 2016 by Sensei Mike Smith, Sensei Dennis Cantillion, Sensei Roger Douras and Sensei Paul Wilkes, all Aikikai Hombu 6th dan grades, together with over 20 other senior Aikikai dan grades along with over 100 students. GSK has grown since then with over 30 dan grades and over 130 members across 11 dojos.

Hombu Recognised

Go Shin Kai was affiliated with Aikikai Hombu Dojofrom its foundation and became Fully Recognised on 1 Sept 2021.

There are many styles of Aikido that follow the paths of the masters that propagate them. Go Shin Kai follows O’Sensei’s legacy through Aikido that promotes harmony in all situations of conflict, whether that be a physical assault or attack or a disagreement in the work place or the home. In creating such harmony we learn to value and protect all life rather than destroy it.  For this reason there is no fighting and no competition in the Aikido that we teach and practice.



  1. The primary aim of this Association is to bring together like-minded dojos, clubs and clusters of clubs under a common set of Aikido Teaching Principles and Constitutional Principles that reflect the underlying principles of Aiki (Harmony) and the principles of Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo (Hombu).

  2. This Association is led by the Association's Principals and it reflects their individual experience but these individuals are not the primary focus of the Association. Individual Principals will inevitably come and go but the Constitution of this Association will enable the succession and development of future Principals that adopt the same Aikido Teaching Principles that this Association holds as fundamental to O'Sensei's Aikido.

  3. The focus of this Association is therefore to propagate the stated Aikido Teaching Principles to encourage its member dojos, clubs and individuals to maintain the Founder's legacy in Aikido, Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo.

  4. This Association aims to follow the example in Aiki set by the UKA’s first Principal, Mr William Smith Sensei, M.B.E.

  5. To ensure that the clubs and dojos associated with this Association adopt this Constitution as their own and adhere to its Aims, Teaching Principles and Objectives.

Read our full Constitution.




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Social Media

Our club Facebook page,,  is well supported and well visited. You will find many interesting Aikido-related articles posted by the members.

A History in Pictures

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